Gears & Door Lock Actuators

ALUMINUM Seat Belt Extender Gears Repair seat belt extenders on 124/126/140 MB coupes 1987 to 1999.
Specify small or larger gear needed or both. Price: $72 each


Sliding Roof Cable Drive Gear
1-7/8” replacement fiber gear for sliding roof motor drives. Fits all 1973 – 1991  W116, W123, W124 and W126 models.
Price: $89 each

ALUMINUM replacement gears for 129 headrest drive  Price: $79 each


UNI-DI Universal Replacement Diaphragms
Our diaphragms fit vacuum door lock actuators on MB models R107 to 1985, all W108, W109 and W116, and W123 to 1980. Price: $14.95 each