ACC Version II

Application: Mercedes-Benz ’81 to’91 models

Monovalve Repair Kit – Call
Kit contains parts necessary to repair malfunctioning monovalves. The most common symptoms of monovalve failure are either all heat or no heat in any mode.

Pushbutton Panels – Prices start at $195 exchange
We stock rebuilt pushbutton panels for all MBs 1981 to 1995. One year warranty on all units.

Auxiliary Water Pump – Call
Used in auto climate control from 1981, this pump maintains constant coolant flow through the heater. Failure is indicated by decrease in heat during engine idling. Defective pumps can cause failure of push-button panels in 1981+ models.

ACC-DI Climate Control Actuator Diaphragms –  Price: $9.50 each
Designed to repair single and dual diaphragm vacuum actuators used in Mercedes-Benz climate control systems. Our exclusive plastic retainer cup for dual units locks in the diaphragm and protects it from abrasion.